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  • 2018/1/1 (NEW!!)
    Happy New Year 2018!!
  • 2017/6/30 (NEW!!)
    I opened co-working space “Little Okawood”.
  • 2017/6/1
    I founded a corporation OKAWOOD Co. Ltd.
  • 2016/4/4
    “Somewhere In My Memory” is nominated for
    the International Competition of the
    Busan International Short Film Festival!!
  • 2016/3/13
    “Somewhere In My Memory” was awarded
    JAPAN CUTS Award” in 11th Osaka ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL!!
  • 2016/2/14
    “Somewhere In My Memory”
    is selected by 11th Osaka ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL!!
    Screen schedule are 3/7(Mon)18:30-,3/10(Thr)18:45-
    @Seventh art theater in Osaka.
  • 2015/11/26
    “Somewhere In My Memory”
    is selected by 10th JOGJA-NETPAC ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL!!
  • 2015/7/15
    Moved in Okawa city of Fukuoka.
  • 2015/6/1
    Directed WebCM of "Asset links, inc."
  • 2015/3/25
    My latest short film “Somewhere In My Memory”
    is selected by Okinawa Film Festival 2015!!
  • 2014/2/22
    My latest short film is "AFWW -A Future Without War-" !!
  • 2013/10/26
    "seesaw" is selected by
    9. Festival des neuen japanischen Films 2013!!
    (9th Festival of New Japanese Film)
    Germany premmier is 11/2 16:30〜
  • 2013/9/12
    Trailer of "SAITAMA Family" is on YouTube!!
  • 2013/9/2
    Directed the PV of "CYCLE MODE international 2013"
    on YouTube & Vimeo now!!
  • 2013/8/16
    "MAKE MY DAY", on YouTube now!!
    It is a part of HIKARIEIGA, an omnibus feature film produced
    to commemorate the first year anniversary of Shibuya Hikarie,
    a multi-purpose shopping mall in Shibuya, Tokyo.
  • 2013/8/5
    DVD of "seesaw" is released on 30 August!.
  • 2013/6/8
    My latest short film's title is "Lifework".
    It will be premiered in "SKIP City International D-cinema Festival"
    on 7/18.
  • 2013/4/8
    My new short film's title is "Make My Day".
    It will be premiered in "Midnight film festival" in Shibuya on 4/27.
  • 2013/4/1
    My next short film is in post production now.
    Premiere will be 4/27 in "Midnight film festival in Shibuya".
  • 2013/3/20
    "PARAMEDIC" is selected by Okinawa International Film Festival.
    The category is “Creator’s Factory”.
    Screening day is 3/26.
  • 2013/2/6
    "SEESAW"and "PARAMEDIC" which I directed are now both available
    on iTunes Store JAPAN.
    The file has English subtitles, so check it out!